Client Testimonials


"SportSites is a magnificent, outstanding program for running a league. For our city recreation it has not only been effective for running a league, but also manages the city's swimming lessons program. The SportSites program has been very efficient and has helped us save time, and money, and has made things more convenient, not only for us as the city recreation, but for the participants in this program. We have received many compliments and approval from the participants. It is very easy to learn, and the SportSites staff is great at showing and teaching you this program. The SportSites customer service\personnel is better than good ... its superb! I would highly recommend SportSites to any city!"

- Dustin Glines, Roosevelt City Recreation


"Switching to Sportsites has been a huge improvement in our recreation department.  The online registration has been great and easy to use for everybody.   Their customer service department is very helpful and willing to help me whenever I need it."

- Burgundy Blomquist, Beaver City Recreation Director

Cedar Hills

"We have just completed our first sports season using and have been extremely impressed. These guys have thought of everything, and still have a very user friendly website. Not only has SportSites saved us time, our league participation increased by over 20%. The only thing better than the SportSites website is their customer service. If I ever had a question or problem, they were quick to help, and extremely friendly. From a financial and operational perspective SportSites has been a great investment."

- Jason Garrard, Cedar Hills Community Services Director